Unique Form

Human body
morphological data
at your fingertips

You are
an app away


Digitalize the human body
from any mobile device

Bodyform3D leverages computer vision and machine learning to transform the video camera on your mobile device into a 3D scanning tool. We build custom 3D software that are optimized for every human focus industry and we enable you to capture human body with medical-grade accuracy.

I. Capture

Capture medical-grade measurements of humane body through our customized solutions. Our App/API gives you the possibility of creating quality 3D model by acquisition of volumetric data. And the only hardware you need is already in your pocket!

II. Recognition

From a single video, you can now scan human body using the latest 3D technology. Our fast algorithms assimilate the data in real time giving your retailers/users an intuitive scanning experience.

III. Analysis

Our end-to-end solution integrates with your company's business process. By combining multi – pictures into our CNN’s architecture, not only you can extract any measures and metrics, but additional analytics would be automated. We enable you to offer THE product.

Capture intuitively
Recognize instantly
Analyze Accurately

As simple as an app

Capturing human body has never been easier. You can turn any device into a powerful 3D scanner. No hardware required; the solution is already in your pocket.

  • No learning curve
  • Accessible on any smartphones or tablets
  • Versatile and easy to use

Medical-grade Accuracy

Our priority algorithm provides all the precision needed for any human focus application.

  • Medical
  • E-commerce

Fits into your workflow

No barriers to 3D acquisition, not anymore! Our customized solutions use cloud computing and dedicated servers, and you can export any standard 3D Models based on your need.

  • High resolution
  • Ready-to-use
  • Compatible with your business process

Endless 3D Possibilities

We create a world of 3d possibilities. You name your galaxy and we make it!

Whatever your scanning project is, Bodyform3D is THE key.

Future is personalized
We enable you
To offer Custom-fit product

We Are Building The Future Of 3D Body Scanning

Be part of the future!